Building a Bigger Table

We believe the best systems, services, and products are designed by the people who use them. As a diverse team of strategists, creatives and early adopters, we know how to engage the right people in the design process—especially those who have been underestimated or are on the margins. We do that by deeply listening, fearlessly experimenting, and embracing new paths others haven’t traveled down before.

Our inclination toward action sets us apart. We don't wait around for the next great idea. Instead, we adapt quickly to stay on the leading edge. We’re experts at creating space that allows individuals to tap into their own creative genius and come up with fresh ideas. That’s because we believe in the power of people to build a better world together.

— What We Believe —


— Meet Our Founders —

At Imagine Deliver, we partner with a number of staff and collaborators to bring clients’ goals to life. Our networks include experts in user experience, design, measurement and evaluation, strategic communication, videography, and more. For each project, we assemble a unique team of individuals that help companies get where they want to go.

kate downing khaled

Kate Downing Khaled

Founder & Managing Director

Kate is the kind of leader who will believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself. As a strategist and former community organizer, she’s an expert at listening to teams and leading them in transformative directions. She has the uncanny ability to see beyond the limitations others place on themselves to spot brilliance in the people around her.

With nearly two decades of experience in philanthropy, community-based research and human-centered design, Kate knows the best services and products are designed by the people who use them. She founded Imagine Deliver because she routinely saw systems operating in ways that left people out of problem solving rather than meaningfully including them—creating scenarios where both businesses and talented people lost out. Today, Kate helps companies eliminate that disconnect by showing them how to tap into the genius of their employees, communities, and customers to build more creative, inventive, and cutting edge solutions.

You should know

  • In 2015, Kate wrote a Facebook post that went viral, got picked up by Buzzfeed and amassed more than one million views in a day
  • She is fluent in French, and holds dual citizenship from Canada and the U.S.
  • She once carried a 120-pound waterlogged canoe on her back for nine miles on the Grand Portage to Lake Superior
  • She holds a Masters in Public Health Administration and Policy from the University of Minnesota and a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University
  • Kate is a board member at RISE (Reviving the Islamic Sisterhood for Empowerment)

  • Taqee Khaled

    Co-Founder & Advisor

    When it comes to building a team, Taqee is the kind of partner who is skilled at bringing out the best in many people at once. He identifies strengths quickly and then finds ways to help individuals and their employers maximize those at work. It helps that he’s got a wicked sense of humor and flair for making himself feel at home no matter where he goes, giving others the confidence to show up fully, too.

    Thanks to nearly two decades of business experience focused on technology, strategy, and mergers and acquisitions at Fortune 10 companies, Taqee intimately understands the realities and pressures companies face each day. He’s adept at predicting trends and searching across disciplines to find inspiration, coming up with approaches that are both distinctive and lasting. That means Taqee is not only able to find solutions that actually work for businesses, but build artful strategies that fit seamlessly within a corporation's pre-existing structures to create massive change.

    Taqee Khaled

    You should know

  • With a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience and formal training as an epidemiologist, Taqee loves data
  • He is one of a handful of soccer coaches in the U.S. trained through FC Barcelona’s coaching academy
  • He speaks four languages fluently: English, Spanish, Bangla, and Arabic
  • He worked as a research apprentice to the chairman of the Nobel Committee for Physiology and Medicine
  • Taqee sits on the board of the Fairview Foundation and is a planning commissioner for the City of St. Paul

    — Our Team —

    Imagine Deliver strives to be a space that champions the talent of intersectional teams because it believes in the genius of communities to build elegant and effective solutions. This foundational belief drives Imagine Deliver to partner with a number of staff and collaborators to move projects forward. For each client, Imagine Deliver assembles a unique team of individuals—experts in user experience, design, measurement and evaluation, strategic communication, videography, human resources and more—to help companies get where they want to go.