Equity-Centered Design

We use universal and human-centered design to encourage people to tap into their creativity and uncover inventive solutions that inspire companies to grow. That could look like:

  • Reinventing a company’s hiring process to connect with diverse talent

  • Redesigning a nonprofit’s or a foundation's core programming with guidance from its end users

  • Working alongside clients as they reimagine the way people navigate their healthcare experience

No matter the goal, our top priority is making sure clients know the immediate steps they can take to reach the next level in their work.

Imagine Deliver is dedicated to our local community. We are committed to serving 80% local and independent clients, giving 20% of our services away pro bono, and giving 10% of our annual profits to nonprofit organizations led by Indigenous, Black and People of Color working in their communities to advance equity and justice.

— What We Offer —



Today’s workplaces have become revolving doors for people with diverse identities who join companies, can’t advance and then leave. When that happens, businesses miss out on talented employees and leaders because they underestimate the people around them—whether it’s for their race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or level of education. We help companies build better workplaces and improve their bottom line by finding practical steps they can take to include and elevate diverse talent. From recruitment to retirement, we’re experts at identifying the informal policies and formal procedures businesses can put in place that make a huge difference in how people feel at work. 

A service that helps companies design workplace solutions from recruitment to retirement that work better for everyone

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We leverage the power of diverse teams and a fully-loaded universal and human-centered design toolkit to help companies imagine, build, co-create and refine programs and services. In our work, we design with the end user, not for the end user. That means we identify the communities companies need to connect with and put them in the driver seat as service creators, not just consumers. This is what makes us different—and stronger—than other service design agencies. 


Consulting for the New Majority

We dig in with clients to unravel challenges and solve problems in the areas where teams could use extra horsepower to move a goal forward. No matter the project, we embolden companies to think differently and creatively. We encourage clients to take risk, embrace action and deeply listen to the communities around them so they can build authentic relationships that eliminate disparities in their work. Depending on what an organization needs, this support takes many forms. It includes:

1. Facilitation
2. Strategic advising
3. Stakeholder engagement strategy
4. Strategic planning informed by equity-centered design

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— Partners in Action —

Like us, our clients are risk takers who get excited to explore new ways to work better. They care about building enterprises that stay ahead of the curve and deliver what people actually need and want.