In partnership with Charities Review Council, Kate is building a large multi-phase program design project and leading our work in strengthening nonprofits. I can always count on her professionalism, facilitation strength, work quality, and creativity. She’s become more than my consultant - she is my friend, my partner and one of my most valued sounding boards.
— Kris Kewitsch, Executive Director (Charities Review Council)

Kate Downing Khaled

Founder & Managing Director

Kate Downing Khaled is on a mission to use her skills in community engagement to shape the future to be more fair and welcoming. With over 15 years in community engagement and philanthropy, Kate facilitates creative design and equitable strategy processes for her clients. She helps them imagine, deliver and communicate programs and products that work for everyone.

In her past work at Charities Review Council, she served the role of Director of Engagement & Programs, where she led the Council’s creative design, business modeling and partnership development efforts – including the development of a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Assessment Toolkit for nonprofits, philanthropies, coalitions and municipalities. Kate previously contributed to a variety of philanthropic projects in her work with Grassroots Solutions – community problem-solving campaigns like the Minnesota Idea Open and the Connect for Health Challenge. An active and vocal member of the Minnesota Muslim community, Kate lives in Saint Paul with her husband Taqee and their three sons. Kate holds a Masters in Public Health Administration and Policy from the University of Minnesota and a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University. 

In her work at Imagine Deliver, Kate acts as Founder and Managing Director, where she oversees daily operations and client delivery.