Did you know there are more CEOs named John and David running large companies than women?

Imagine Deliver is on a mission to change that. Our new service, ‘Project All In’ is a seven-day, fixed price talent design sprint that helps companies figure out exactly how and where they can make immediate changes to impact their workforce, so everyone can contribute and lead.


Who is ‘Project All In’ for?

Doers ready to take action.

‘Project All In’ is for organizations that want to attract diverse talent and make sure every employee feels valued when they walk through the door. This program is the right fit for your company if:

  • You want to hire and retain a broader talent pool, but don’t know where to start
  • Your team has worked on culture, but needs process changes and outcomes
  • You want to adapt to demographic shifts in the workforce to create greater productivity and profitability
  • Your team wants to build a more inclusive workplace culture, but doesn’t have the human power to make a plan and carry it out

We built ‘Project All In’ because:

Our workplaces aren’t designed with every person in mind.

Instead, many have become revolving doors for people with diverse identities who join companies, can’t advance and then leave. When that happens, companies miss out on talented employees and leaders without realizing their full value. Variation in gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, religion, ability or education level are corporate strengths Project All In maximizes.

Businesses are leaving talent on the table, and when that happens, we all lose.

Here in Minnesota, where Imagine Deliver is based, unemployment rates for people of color are four times greater than those for white residents. Black, Hispanic and Native American families make less today than they did in the 1970s, and women only earn 84 percent of what their male counterparts make. As workforce demographics continue to shift in Minnesota and around the country, these kinds of disparities will prevent our regions, our businesses and our regional economies from competing at their true potential.

Diverse companies are 35 percent more profitable.

Not only that, but they also tend to be more innovative and more respected. Even though studies have shown this for years, organizations still struggle to operate in ways that include everyone. Despite decades of focus on diverse hiring practices, there are only four black CEOs leading Fortune 500 companies. At those same organizations, only 31 percent of board seats are filled by women and people of color.


How we do it:

‘Project All In’ is a consulting service that gives companies immediate steps they can take to improve the ways they interact with talent from recruitment to retirement. This isn’t a series of training modules, and we aren’t here to tell you how to shift your culture. Instead, 'Project All In' is a practical way for companies to evaluate the effectiveness of their talent operations, and then take steps to implement changes for better performance and results.

  1. First, Imagine Deliver reviews data and interviews key staff to learn about a company’s unique challenges and opportunities.

  2. Then, our team unleashes creative problem-solving through hands-on workshops and easy exercises that get leaders thinking in new ways using everyday materials, like playdough and pipe cleaners.

  3. Lastly, we sit down with companies to build a customized roadmap of steps you can take to redesign the structures in your workplace in ways that help employees feel motivated, supported and purposeful at work.

What you’re left with is an intuitive, detailed action plan you can start implementing and measuring today.