Dameun Strange

Creative in Residence

Dameun Strange is an award-winning composer, and a Ron McKinley Philanthropy Fellow alumnus who is most recently known for working as a core member of the Bush Foundation’s Community Innovation Team. Celebrated as an artist and activist organizer, Dameun now serves as Executive Director of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association (NEMAA) where he works to promote and support quality and diversity of artistic resources to benefit artists, art and the greater community.

Dameun was born and raised in Washington, DC but moved to the Twin Cities to attend Macalester College where he majored in Music and English. Dameun has worked locally for organizations like Macalester College, ACORN, MN UNITED for All Families, Grassroots Solutions, and Neighborhood Organizing. His commitment to the nonprofit sector is demonstrated by his service on numerous boards - Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, Compas, Headwater Foundation for Justice and the Alternative Motion Project to name a few.

Dameun is driven by two pursuits. As an artist, he is driven to create meaningful work and that gives people pause. He has a desire to reach deep within himself and pull out raw honesty. As an organizer, Dameun is driven to bring people together, to find commonalities between communities, to build bridges. He seeks to find the soul of the community and illuminate it, building on assets for a strong future.

Dameun sees a world where the artist, the creative thinker is no longer viewed as an add-on; where the term “creative community” is no longer a necessary term of distinction. He sees a world where creative institutions and artists are valued as equal partners in designing strong, equitable communities. He wants to deliver a future where art is accepted as an intrinsic part of human development. Just as math, reading and science are considered core competencies in school, he wants art to be a foundational experience of daily life. 

In his work with Imagine Deliver, we engage Dameun as a skilled facilitator and equity expert. Additionally he makes sure our firm elevates art and creative expression into all of our projects.

Amy Sinykin

Operations & Project Management Expert

With 25 years of experience in nonprofit administration including fiscal management, human resources, technology implementation, governance management, planning and budgeting, Amy has spent her career exclusively in the nonprofit sector (with the exception of several on and off years as a server at Lord Fletcher's on the Lake).  Her core competencies include nonprofit governance practices, project management, planning and volunteer management. Amy is a lightening-fast detail wrangler and a deeply knowledgeable expert in nonprofit accountability. She's also an early adopter of technology, quick to find affordable technologically-forward solutions for all of her clients. Driven by a sense of justice and harmony, Amy always has her eye on making sure nobody feels excluded, elevating individual strengths and keeping people 'in their lanes.'

Amy has held positions with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (MN Chapter), and the Volunteer Resource Center (now Hands on Twin Cities).  Minnesota nonprofit sector leaders might recognize Amy as she most recently served for more than 11 years of Associate Director at Charities Review Council.  She is currently a nonprofit consultant focusing on operations and project management. Amy serves on the board of Urban Boatbuilders and  lives in Saint Paul with her husband and two children. 

Imagine Deliver brings Amy in on large projects, specifically those that involve Program Takeoff, nonprofit change management and strategic planning.


Tiffany Xiong

Inclusion & Organizing Expert

Born in California and raised in Minnesota, Tiffany is a storyteller that is committed to social change that is intersectional, equitable, and inclusive. This commitment directly stems from her experiences growing up in an immigrant family where she watched her parents and community be discriminated against and excluded.

She has a background in community engagement, event planning, volunteer management, and fundraising. She’s a dreamer with lots of ideas and a detailed organizer and “doer” that gets things done. Her experience includes working on numerous local campaigns and organizations like Al Franken For Senate 2014 and Grassroots Solutions where she connected and aligned people, community partners, and stakeholders to deliver authentic and high-quality work.

Tiffany is passionate about uplifting the voices of marginalized communities, inspiring people to take action about the people and issues they deeply care about, and building healthy and equitable public spaces.

She currently works at an Asian American theater company in Saint Paul where she oversees all individual giving and donor relations programs, including subscriber, donor, and corporate events.

When Tiffany is not working, you can find Tiffany on the lake fishing, attending theater shows, and exploring the outdoors with her family and three dogs.