Areas of Service

We serve a broad array of cross-sector clients: from large public sector institutions to corporations interested in community impact, to small startups and new nonprofits. The common thread among our clients? They want to change the world for the better and try new ways of solving old problems. Our clients have unique needs, so we tailor each of our projects to meet them.

Are you ready to approach the problem you are trying to solve in new ways? Are you interested in building deeper relationships across communities? We might be the right partner for you.

Learn about some of our services below, or reach out for a brainstorm over coffee.

Leadership Strategy

We empower organizations to build and develop affirming work cultures where everyone can thrive. We partner with individual client leaders to help them adapt and succeed in complex change environments.

Our coaching and leadership development work leverages individual leaders' assets, focusing on building self-awareness and practicing empathy. We help leaders tell their unique stories, and craft their professional brands.  

For organizational strategy, this work can take the shape of:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Equity Coaching
  • Career Path Mapping (for Emerging Leaders)
  • Leadership Transition Support
  • Merger & Acquisition Strategy
  • Business Modeling
  • Community Engagement Strategy.

FAcilitation & Learning

Our facilitation sessions include goal setting and project managing next steps. They take the shape of meeting facilitation, ideation sessions, board trainings, meeting white-boarding and full-blown design thinking workshops. We'll help you define the problem, refine solutions and make the most of your time together. 

Our group training topics include but are not limited to: 

  • Equitable Hiring & Promotion
  • Communicating Mission
  • Designing Effective Programs
  • Etiquette & Equity
  • Engaging Your Community
  • Social Media for Good
  • Talent Pipeline Overhaul

Program takeoff (VP To Go)

Are you a leader who has a program you need to get off the ground? A special project but not enough time to build it, nurture it, and make it grow?

Are you trying to re-design a system or build a coalition? You'll need a high quality strategist, relationship builder and an expert facilitator. You'll also require a deeply detailed project manager and quick-fire executor to build, enable and make this project fly on its own.

You need, well, another you.

We have you covered. We provide a fully loaded solution so you can focus on steering the ship.  


I needed to frame and execute a big project on top of my usual workload. Part of me wished I could clone myself to make it happen. Instead, I hired Kate, and together we built and hosted the Citywide Student Leadership Redesign project. I trust Kate, and appreciate her ability to handle everything from strategy to details with quality and equity at the front of her mind.
— Lynnea Atlas-Ingebretson, Director of Family & Community Partnerships (Minneapolis Public Schools)