Our Difference

We're a mission driven consulting firm that brings equity into action by focusing on community engagement and human centered design. We help clients solve tough problems, make solutions universally accessible, building new programs that adapt to fit the future. 


Albert Einstein told us that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. We bring your organization through unique, creative processes that include everyone. The results are equitable solutions, a brighter bottom line and an even greater good. We help leaders imagine, deliver and communicate great ideas that are good for everyone.

Kate was highly recommended to me as a facilitator to help our organization with a long overdue Strategic Planning process. From Day One, Kate was not just our consultant, she was a true and trusted partner whose passion for our organization’s work and mission matched our own. Her creative questions and positive energy helped our board arrive at an action-based plan centered on equity and justice which we easily and immediately embedded into our decision-making. We emerged from our work with Kate a stronger organization with a clear vision of what’s next.
— Krysten Lynn Ryba-Tures, Board Chair (WSCO)