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Imagination & Delivery Specialist

Imagine Deliver is an unconventional firm in search of truly unconventional people. Our mission compels us to understand our partners as we understand ourselves and then to create change with them decisively, intentionally, and in a way that no other organization can deliver.

So, what’s the job?

We weren’t kidding when we said we’re unconventional and when it comes time for you to tell others what you do after you join the firm, you’ll likely need to say that you are a combination of a business developer, relationship manager, and business strategist.

Day-to-day, you would use your aggressively cultivated, deep knowledge of our existing partner engagements and you would, in turn, use that comprehension to map our potential partner landscape. In concert with firm leadership, you would develop and implement plans to build bridges with these potential partners and eventually help to shape frameworks to address the issues these entities are facing.

How will I grow?

You should expect to grow as fast as you are able and in as many ways as the work allows. We don’t say this because you will be under unreasonable pressure, but because we believe in working with driven, talented people with ambitious goals – and we love to facilitate growth in as many ways that we can. If that means increased project leadership over time, have at it; if that translates into learning and development, let’s talk about what you want. The point is that Imagine Deliver grows when you do and we will always seek to support that.

Transparently, this is a foundational role in the firm and it is likely that over time you would grow into some areas of your role more than others based on your own goals, as well as business needs.

Sounds too good to be true.

There isn’t another shoe-drop that you need to wait for here. There will always be shifting sands in business necessities, but what we can always promise you is radical candor and reciprocity so that you will always be an active shaper and participant in your career.

Who should I be?

Be you!

Sounds simple and maybe even disingenuous because it’s so rarely stated, but we truly believe that there is a two way street in determining whether an opportunity is good. In our talent advisory practice, we have seen numerous cases of people who are great for roles but companies that are not great for the people – a misfit that is rarely caught in the rush to hire.

Tangibly, though, you should be:

  • Known for your candor, affability and warmth with people
  • Deeply affectionate of the differences that people have
  • Able to make genuine connections with strangers
  • Incredibly comfortable with taking initiative
  • Disciplined in scheduling and organization
  • Curious and solution-oriented by nature
  • Interested in finding the connection between people and organizations
  • Willing to learn quickly and take ownership even quicker
  • Able to question yourself, unabashedly

If any of these sound like you, please send us a <400 word letter of introduction.