Operationalizing Equity

Have you ever heard someone say that our systems are expertly designed to get the exact results they receive? Well, it's true.

From our schools that are experiencing extreme gaps in achievement for scholars of color, to philanthropic boards who are unsure how best to reflect and include the communities they seek to serve, to hospital systems that see disparities in outcomes based on race and socioeconomic status, all the way to businesses that are struggling to create products that resonate for a diverse demographic - all of our current systems are needing an equity overhaul. And it takes strong leadership to make that happen.

It's hard to accept, but it's true. Our systems weren't designed to serve everyone. It's time for a redesign.

Shifting publicly accountable systems to be more equitable and inclusive is like retraining a muscle. It takes discipline, focus, prioritization and hard work. 

At Imagine Deliver, we help our clients achieve more equitable results by helping them practice the principles shared in this infographic every day.


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